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    All Pre-orders will receive an exclusive signed copy by the author, and a mention on our social media platforms, and website. You will be able to #Kahleighislove on it's official release date, which is still to be determined. Please be patient and support Epic Fantasy Authors.

    Who is Kahleigh Augustine?

    Everything is a clue. From the website, to contents of the book itself. There are cryptic messages, ciphers and real immersive secrets, as well as other numeric codes hidden within the novel. Each clue found is another hint to who she really is. Want to discover more? Pre-Order, or follow us on twitter. One thing is certain, #Kahleighislove

    Epic Adult Fantasy Series

    Book 1: Rise of the SpiritBorn

    Brandi-Belle had suspicions ever since newlywed-husband, Elric, began sneaking off to answer late-night calls. On, October 31st, 2038 an Earth-shattering event tested those suspicions, when she discovered they were the only ones to leave Montreal, in time to clear the nuclear blast zone. But her queries that followed were short-lived, as they hurled through miles of wreckage, dodging sudden strikes of lightning from a freak storm; the night ended with a blinding flash of light.

    The adventure takes place in 2054, where Belle's been missing for 10 years, along with others. Her mute born daughter, left behind— who lives a sheltered life— may not only hold answers to the disappearances, but also the reason for it. And, there's a different problem; even with her eidetic-like memory, she can't remember a single thing from that night, or why she has abilities others don't?

    Between a secret society trying to recruit her, an ice-mage claiming to be her friend from another time, a hacker bent on revenge, and friends she can't trust, she's caught in the middle of everyone else’s problems, and her abilities are becoming unstable with each direction she is pulled into. So much for being alone.

    It all begs the questions everyone wants to know. Just who is Kahleigh Augustine and where did she come from?

    Horror in the works


    In a world of social media where everything about everyone is willingly exposed, there is one platform being targeted by a deranged lunatic, obsessed with your status. Be careful what you post!

    Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Mystery in the works

    Stoppers Series

    Follow this Epic Adult Sci-Fi/Fantasy cross over series, when a mysterious girl, faces challenges of apocalyptic proportions. It is packed with fun loving characters, death defying moments and passion that could change the course of events and end life as they know it--if she gives into the one thing holding the universe together.

    Hacker: The Story of Elena Krug

    Before the Stoppers, find out what happens when the worlds deadliest hacker discovers a top secret file revealing the truth about our world---she is hunted down, robbed of her innocene before being buried. But, they made a grave mistake and she has a message, "Next time you bury someone, make sure they're dead!"

    A New York Times Best Seller

    After being rejected by every publisher in New York, Adam Michael Scott, has been given a shot at the ultimate dream when he meets a mysterious man with an offer he can't refuse. But when the bodies begin to drop, and each murder matches his novel the cops are asking him to stop writing. But if he does, it'll be his death. "The question Adam isn't if you're going to die, but how far you are willing to go, to become a New York Times Best Selling Author?"

    Scent of Rain

    Four friends, two murders, one death. Who is to blame? A Short Novel written by R.K OCEANS 

    Vault 33

    When food is scarce, the oxygen is depleting, and friends and family turn on one another, what are you willing to do to survive the end of the world?

    A Peregrines School for Assassins: The Stilleta Diaries

    Emily Turner discovers the truth to the questions that had been haunting her since her parents murder. And is given the chance for revenge. But, the killer has a request first. Become an assassin, and help finish off her hit-list.

    Romance/Comedy in the works

    Love is better with wine

    When tragedy strikes, it is never easy to rise from the ashes. But, four strangers from different parts of the world, are about to discover just what it means to have faith. When fate grants them a chance, they'll need to risk everything, including their marriage, and their homes. They'll come together, and find out just what it takes, to become part of the 1%.