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Rise of the SpiritBorn

R.K Oceans


Robbie, is a writer, a musician and an avid bio-hacker as well as a devoted follower of the Geneva Bible.

He is often referred to as Mr. Limitless, for his incredible drive for writing 14+ hours per day, with little to no sleep. His writing style can be controversial, dark and specific to one kind of hero. Robbie ventures into the realm of science fiction and fantasy, and aside from his favorite things to do such as reading, it's listening to music, creating it, or writing to it. Each chapter of his books are titled by the song that inspired him to write it.

"Without the artists, I couldn't write what I want. Especially when writing such a large novel and series, you need inspiration, you need anger, you need love, you need emotion. What better way to feel it, if not with music?"

Brief Intro to Stoppers

What could possibly be worse than to have the worlds smartest, sleepless, emotion-suppressed, teenager be not just the key to humanities survival but the very reason that  love exists and binds the universe together be her biggest fear, too?

Struggling with blame for her missing mother, the mute born teen finds herself living in a picturesque town, full of elitists, a powerful ancient secret society, a hacker bent on vengeance against the town, and with her abilities growing to near apocalyptic levels, she is unable to decipher between reality and dreams.

But it just begs the question...just who is Kahleigh Augustine?


Emily Turner was your average Vermont girl next door. Of course if you discount the fact she has witnessed her parents murder at the age of 5 and has been taunted by this mysterious killer ever since.

Emily is living with a foster family now, 14 years of age and attending High school in Killington Vermont, when she gets the first diary page, sent from the killer. Emily is given the chance for vengeance, and the killer won't even fight back, under one condition: she must eliminate everyone off a kill-list sent to her. And to do that, she must attend a secret school, that teaches gifted children to become assassins. Who will Emily become when the truth is finally revealed?