Epic Adult Fantasy Series

Rise of the SpiritBorn

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In the aftermath of a devastating worldwide event, the Great Lightning Storm of 2038, most of the planet is still suffering a great loss some 16 years later. It seems a third of Earth's population had survived living in 33 small Colony's contained under electrified domes. They were designed to keep what lurks out in the Wastelands, from ever getting in.

But, not for long. The dome above Colony 7 is weakening. Few can feel it, most are oblivious... but one thing is definite... a darkness is coming.

For the Augustine family, having somehow escaped the last disaster, will find themselves in a questionable future, again, looking for that once-same miracle. The savior might just be the Augustine girl. Only this time around, things come at too high of a price.

Her name is Kahleigh Augustine, and this is her story.

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